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The 2023 Special Winter Promotion

A new year has begun, and so has our Winter Promotion featuring over 125 items! We have new products to show you, such as traction aids, hand warmers, and toe warmers, as well as our best-selling gloves, to help get you through the cold weather. We also have sales on Sloan electronic flushometers and flushometer repair parts, electronic faucets and faucet repair parts from Chicago, Sloan, Toto, and Zurn, HEPA filtered hand dryers, and soap dispensers from Bobrick, ASI, and Sloan. For our food service customers, we have two pages featuring T&S faucets and spouts, as well as T&S pre-rinse units and pre-rinse repair parts. Don’t miss the deals we have on toilets & urinals, chemicals, and vinyl corner guards too. And for the first time, we are featuring a spread of great products from Milwaukee tools! Flip through our Promo PDF to see everything that’s on our Winter sale!

A Quick Guide to Using our Digital PDF Viewer

We highly recommend viewing the PDF on a laptop or desktop computer to view all of the features and have the best experience viewing our Winter Specials online. When on a laptop/desktop computer, we also recommend viewing the PDF in fullscreen mode.

Below is a breakdown of all of the features of the PDF viewer (visible only on desktop) starting with the icons on the lower menu bar from left to right:

Home – Click on the home button to go to the Equiparts homepage.

Zoom In – This feature enables you to zoom in on a certain area of a page. Then if you want to zoom in even closer, you can use the zoom navigator that pops up in the upper center of the screen, this appears when the zoom tool is in use.

Thumbnails – Use the thumbnail feature to view the pages smaller and more quickly get to another page instead of flipping from page to page.

Bookmark – Use the bookmarks tool to add your own unique bookmark to a page or pages. This is a useful feature when you need to reference the same page often. Simply navigate to the page you want to bookmark, open the bookmark tool, name your bookmark, then click add to page. Once added, your bookmark will show in the upper tabs. You can also choose a color to color code your bookmark as well.

Annotation – This feature gives you options to mark-up a page. When selected, a small menu will pop up that will give you options like a pencil tool, shapes, and writing notes so you can add information or circle the parts you need. This information will save automatically and be there until you clear your browsers cache (web history). You can also use the eraser tool to remove your markup or the clear button to remove your notes.

Share – Share opens up links to a variety of social platforms that you can share catalog pages to including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. The mail icon in the share menu opens up gmail so you can also send catalog page(s) from a gmail account when applicable.

Print – The print feature enables you to print a certain page or pages from the Promo. Give it a couple of moments to open your printer dialogue and make your print selections.

Download – Download opens the PDF in another window. Simply open it, then go to file and select ‘Save As’ to save it, or hover over the document to view the download button then click on it there. You can also download the 2023 Winter Promotion through this link. Just open the link then save the file to your computer.

Fullscreen – To view the promo in fullscreen, click on the double arrow button located at the bottom of the screen in the middle-left.

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How to Search for a Specific Part Number
To search for a specific part number, type the part number in the search bar in the upper right corner then double-click on the page number that comes up on the left side navigation that appears. Note that this feature is not available on mobile devices.

Troubleshooting Tip:
If you are having trouble viewing the promo in the PDF viewer, first try clearing your browsers cache. If the PDF viewer still isn’t functioning properly, try opening it in a different browser and make sure you are viewing it on a laptop or desktop computer in fullscreen mode.  


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