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Featured Video: We Are Equiparts, The Repair Parts Specialists

Get an inside look at Equiparts! Watch this video to learn about who we are, what we do, and what sets us apart.

Oasis Water Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Kit Installation

Learn how to install the Oasis Water Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Kit by watching this installation video.

Silver Defender Tape

Silver Defender Products are antimicrobial protected films that can adhere to a variety of surfaces to help stop the transmission of bacteria.

How to Navigate the Equiparts Catalog in our Digital PDF Viewer

Learn how to navigate the Equiparts Catalog in our Digital PDF Viewing Program like a pro with help from this How-To video.

How to Take Outside Mount Measurements for Blinds and Shades

This how-to video will teach you how to measure windows for the installation of outside mounted window treatments like mini blinds & solar shades.

How to Take Inside Mount Measurements for Blinds and Shades

In this how-to video you will learn how to properly measure windows for inside mounted window treatments, like blinds and shades.

Graber Blinds and Shades: The Most Popular Options

Learn about the most popular window treatment options for commercial facilities with our Graber rep in this video.

How To Replace Elkay ezH2O Filter and Reset Filter Light

Watch this video to learn how to replace the filter in an Elkay ezH2O bottle filler and reset the filter light on your Elkay bottle filling station.

The Sinchnut: A New Lock Nut for Easy Faucet Installation

Watch this video to learn how this innovative new faucet locknut called the Sinchnut makes faucet installation easier, with less time under the sink.

The 2-in-1 Block-Aide Restroom Out of Order Sign and Stall Lock

Learn why the Block-Aide Restroom Out of Order Sign and Stall Lock is the best solution for out of service restroom partition stalls in this video.

Tight Seal Elastometer Gaskets – The New Best Option in Toilet and Urinal Gaskets

Watch this video and learn why Elastometer Gaskets by Tight Seal Gaskets are 10x times better than traditional wax gaskets (now in blue).

The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuard

This patent-pending Roof Drain Cover eliminates the possibility of standing water of flat roofs, a common problem for big, commercial facilities.

Save Water & Energy: Find Out Your Faucet GPM Flow Rate

Learn how to measure the flow rate of your faucet (or showerhead) with our easy to use Flow Rate Measurement Bag in this video.

Murdock Bottle Fillers: Learn Bottle Filler Features and Info

This video features Bob Murdock, owner of Murdock Manufacturing, as he reviews the features of Murdock Bottle Fillers.

How-To Service the Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Cooler

Find out how to complete multiple service tasks and learn about the features of this Murdock water cooler in this short how-to video.

Murdock Water Cooler Strainer Removal

See how easy it is to service the strainer of Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Coolers without taking the unit apart in this video.

Sloan G2 Sensor Flushometer Troubleshooting

If your Sloan G2 flushometer doesn’t flush when it’s supposed to, there are several possible reasons why – learn the top three reasons in this video.

Anti-Slip Extreme Safety Tape Information and Installation

Learn all about Master Stop Extreme Tape, and find out where and how to install it by watching this video.

Urinal Flange Repair Kit

Learn how and when to use a Urinal Flange Repair Kit. Watch the video to see how it works!

Hurricone Floor Dryer

The Hurricone Floor Dryer is a cordless floor dryer that greatly reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents. Learn more about it in this video.

How to Repair Doors with the Hinge Doctor Toolkit

Does your building have sagging doors? Or are your doors not closing properly? Learn how to fix them in a jiffy with the Hinge Doctor.

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp

Watch this video to learn about a quick solution for a leaking copper, CPVC, or PEX pipe.

Flow Restrictor Now Pre-Installed in Sloan Urinal Flushometers

Introducing a new product update from Sloan Valve: Flow restrictor now pre-installed on all high efficiency Sloan urinal flushometers.

Troubleshooting Bell and Gossett Series 100 Pump

Having trouble with your Bell and Gossett series 100 pump? Are your couplers breaking too frequently? Watch this video to learn why that happens and how to prevent it.

Equiparts Dogs: Fetch at the Office

Did you know our Pittsburgh office is dog friendly? Here’s a video of them playing fetch in the warehouse, just for fun!