Vinyl Corner Guards for Commercial Facilities

commercial Vinyl Corner Guards

Vinyl corner guards prevent damage to the wall corners of high-traffic areas in commercial facilities. They are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial buildings prone to damage. Read this article to learn more about wall protection options and why you should use them in your facility.

The Best Commercial Drain Opener Chemicals

best commercial drain openers

In this article, we share our two most popular drain chemicals: the TMS Hot Water Drain Cleaner, and the TMS Cold Water Drain Opener, and tips for best use when it comes to treating your fixtures/pipes with them.

The Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer: Designed for Prison Applications

Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer for Prisons

Get control over the water usage in your prison facility. Upgrade your flushometers to units that have special features designed for controlled environments. It’s a quick and easy way to save water and money without having to upgrade the entire water system. The Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer is a great unit to help you achieve this goal. Read the article now to learn more.

New Out of Order Toilet and Urinal Cover

out of order toilet cover

Meet our new out of order toilet and urinal cover option! JaniWrap is a new, professional looking toilet and urinal cover that makes out-of-service fixtures less of an eyesore to patrons. It covers an out-of-order fixture with a sleek, seamless wrap that is then labeled with an ‘Not in Service’ sticker.

Mifab Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame

Mifab drain grate

Do you have floor drains that don’t sit flush in the floor? We have the perfect solution! This Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame from Mifab has a unique, patented design that enables installers to adjust it as needed both vertically and horizontally. View all of it’s components and the installation instructions in this quick product feature article.

Delany Trustop: Best Angle Control Stop

Delany Trustop

What makes the Delany TruStop one of the best angle control stop options on the market today? It’s unique ball valve design allows you to repair a flush valve while leaving all of your other fixtures operational. Read this article to learn more about how the TruStop works, more about our strong relationship with Delany, and how to purchase the control stops you need.

Elkay and Oasis Filter Comparison Charts

Elkay filter chart oasis filter chart

Choosing the proper filter for your water cooler, bottle filler or drinking fountain can be confusing. So, here is an easy to use filter selection chart showcasing top water fountain brands Elkay and Oasis. These manufacturer specific charts are designed to help you easily decide which filter and/or replacement cartridge to use for your fountains, coolers, and/or bottle filler units.

Faucet Cartridge and Stem Quick Guide 

faucet cartridge stem guide

A faucet cartridge or stem is the part in a faucet or shower assembly that controls the amount and flow of water that comes out of the faucet. In some shower applications, stems also divert water from the spout to the shower head. Although cartridges and stems are two different parts, they both do the […]

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