Delany Trustop: Best Angle Control Stop

Delany Trustop

What makes the Delany TruStop one of the best angle control stop options on the market today? It’s unique ball valve design allows you to repair a flush valve while leaving all of your other fixtures operational. Read this article to learn more about how the TruStop works, more about our strong relationship with Delany, and how to purchase the control stops you need.

Elkay and Oasis Filter Comparison Charts

Elkay filter chart oasis filter chart

Choosing the proper filter for your water cooler, bottle filler or drinking fountain can be confusing. So, here is an easy to use filter selection chart showcasing top water fountain brands Elkay and Oasis. These manufacturer specific charts are designed to help you easily decide which filter and/or replacement cartridge to use for your fountains, coolers, and/or bottle filler units.

Faucet Cartridge and Stem Quick Guide 

faucet cartridge stem guide

A faucet cartridge or stem is the part in a faucet or shower assembly that controls the amount and flow of water that comes out of the faucet. In some shower applications, stems also divert water from the spout to the shower head. Although cartridges and stems are two different parts, they both do the […]

NAPSD 2022 Educational Conference and New President Announcement

NAPSD 2022 Educational Conference and New President Announcement

Equiparts has been a member of the North American Plumbing Specialties Distributors (NAPSD)  for many years. We are excited to announce that during the NAPSD 2022 Education Conference in Seattle earlier this month, our very own Yolanda Frank was elected the new President. Read on to learn more about the event, and Yolanda’s plans for the future of NAPSD.

Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide

Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide

Read this Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide to learn everything you need to choose the right sensor faucet for your specifications. After reading our guide, you will be able to convert your manual faucets to touch-free faucets with confidence. If you have any additional questions after reading the guide, give us a call to speak with […]

4 Problem Solving Plumbing Items

unique plumbing items

Unique Plumbing Items You Should Know About Save yourself countless hours of unnecessary work with these unique plumbing items!  These four handy repair parts and kits can make quick work of specific problems that would otherwise turn into major, time-consuming jobs. These items can keep you from relocating pipes or tearing into walls or floors. […]

In-Line Heating Pump Troubleshooting

Bell Gossett 100 series maintenance

Heating pump maintenance isn’t something that needs to be completed often. So when it comes time to perform maintenance on your pumps, it can feel more unfamiliar than working on a flushometer or other facility fixtures that require more frequent repairs. Reading this heating pump troubleshooting article will help you identify the problems with your […]

Quasar UVC-LED Bottle Fillers from Oasis


The Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Retrofit Kit From Oasis Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Fixtures are unique hydration units from Oasis that use ultraviolet light to sterilize drinking water as it is being dispensed. Since pathogens in water are most harmful to people with compromised immune systems, Quasar units are ideal for facilities such as nursing […]

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