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For over 50 years, New York based All American Metal Corp. has been a leader in the design, manufacturing, and sales of toilet partition stalls, hardware, and parts. We carry a variety of hinges for toilet partition repair projects. Our All American Metal selection of partition repair parts includes top hinge brackets and pins, bottom hinge with pintel, bottom hinge pintel piece only, and cam (female) for bottom partition hinge. At Equiparts, not only do we carry partition hinge repair by All American Metal, but we also carry toilet partition parts including brackets, latches, strikes and keepers, pilaster parts, partition doors, and partition screens from other leading partition manufacturers. Find all of the partition items needed to keep your commercial restroom in proper working order all on We also carry all of the other items that go with partition repair, like numerous types of vandal resistant screws, stainless steel panels, and the tools needed to complete the repairs and installations.

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