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The Equiparts sales team has experience selling and providing installation support and more for Elkay Manufacturing units and repairs. We have been a distributor for Elkay for many years, and have a strong relationship for this top manufacturer of water coolers, drinking fountains, and bottle fillers. We have sold Elkay units to outfit entire school districts, and we also stock the repair parts and filters needed to keep your units in working order and providing safe, clean drinking water to your patrons, students, employees 365 days a year. We are more than just a platform to purchase parts, we are a team here for you to make sure bottle filler and water cooler installations, repairs, and replacements are done right. Receive price quotes, get product details, and get your questions answered by calling an Equiparts sales representative so you can update your facility with Elkay bottle fillers and water coolers, as well as bubblers, push bars, regulators, solenoids, stems, cartridges.

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