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New from Watts: Smart Connected Solutions

Watts Smart Connected Solutions

Watts now offers connected products and tools in the water maintenance sphere to keep maintenance personnel connected, making maintaining water systems better and easier than ever before. See how Watts is leveling-up the industry with their latest smart connected products and systems, and learn how we stay on top of Watts innovations in this article.

Touchless Faucets, Flushometers and Bottle Fillers for Commercial Facilities

Touchless Faucets, Flushometers and Bottle Fillers Banner Image

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we think, feel, and act in public spaces, especially in germ-prone areas like public restrooms. Because of COVID-19, no-touch services such as contactless payment systems, curbside pick-up, and increased online services are all new-normal ways of conducting business in 2021. Some brick and mortar facilities cannot move services online, and must now adapt to how the pandemic has changed people’s expectations of hygiene. People judge a facility by the cleanliness of its restrooms, resulting in a positive or negative impression. Enter: the importance of touchless fixtures.

Facility Shutdowns Cause Increased Risk of Legionella

Legionella Risk Blog

The sudden facility shutdowns that occurred as a result of Covid-19 could create an ideal breeding ground for legionella and other harmful bacteria in the water systems of many buildings. This is important to discuss now as facilities begin to consider reopening. The water systems of many facilities have been sitting idle for weeks or months. If the proper steps are not taken to clean these systems, there could be negative consequences.

Magnetic Door Barriers for Commercial Building Maintenance

Magnetic Door Barrier

Magnetic Door Barriers: A Quick and Innovative Way to Temporarily Close Off a Room or Space. Available in two different sizes and in a variety of phrases and colors.

Social Distancing Signs

Social Distancing Signs for Sale

Essential businesses that remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic can help their patrons, patients, and employees practice proper social distancing by implementing signage throughout their facilities.  Social distancing is a new concept that we have all become very familiar with in the last few weeks. By practicing social distancing consistently, we can help decrease the […]

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