Touchless Faucets, Flushometers and Bottle Fillers for Commercial Facilities

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we think, feel, and act in public spaces, especially in germ-prone areas like public restrooms. Because of COVID-19, no-touch services such as contactless payment systems, curbside pick-up, and increased online services are all new-normal ways of conducting business in 2021. Some brick and mortar facilities cannot move services online, and must now adapt to how the pandemic has changed people’s expectations of hygiene. People judge a facility by the cleanliness of its restrooms, resulting in a positive or negative impression.

Now, when you enter a restroom and have to touch a surface, you’re probably thinking about how many unwashed hands have touched that door handle, the last time the flush valve handle was sanitized, and how exactly you’re going to use your elbow to turn off the faucet after you’re done washing your hands. And you probably save your paper towel to use it to open the door without touching the handle too. 

The fact of the matter is, no one wants to touch surfaces in a public restroom anymore. Making the restrooms throughout your facility as touch-free as possible is not only comforting to patrons, but also preferred and somewhat expected. This is especially true at businesses like hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and universities. Creating a no-touch restroom experience shows visitors that you care about their health and comfort. 

Decrease the Need to Sanitize

Beyond improving your patron’s experience in your facility, fewer touch points in high-traffic areas also lowers the need for constant sanitizing and cleaning. This means less janitorial tasks and reduced costs for you and your maintenance crew. 

Reduce Water Consumption

Touchless fixtures like electronic faucets and flushometers also reduce water consumption. You are probably familiar with dual-flush flushometers, which execute the reduced flush when patrons are in front of the fixture for shorter periods of time. These flushometers can usually be identified by the green and black true mechanical override buttons located on the top or side of the flush valve. But did you know that there are flushometers that have smart sense technology, which senses when there is a long line in front of a urinal, and as a result, only flushes after every fifth user?

The Latest Technology

Equiparts is at the forefront of all the new technology that comes out regularly for commercial fixtures. We can inform you of all the options available so that you can decide what features are important to you and will work best in your facility. 

Some of the newest technologies allow facilities to digitally monitor the water usage of their fixtures. Sloan’s new Bluetooth faucets let you perform maintenance remotely by adjusting the faucet’s settings through Sloan’s Connect App. One of the newest and most exciting technologies for large-scale facilities is Sloan’s Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) systems. This smart system gives you the power to learn more about how your fixtures are used throughout all of your buildings and increase uptime by quickly identifying malfunctions, vandalism, or other irregularities in water flow. PWT can greatly improve efficiency and lower maintenance costs in facilities such as prisons, schools, hospitals, and others.

Educated and Experienced

Restroom fixtures with handles and push bars are one of the biggest breeding grounds for germs and bacteria within your facility. Begin the conversion to touch-free restrooms by calling Equiparts today! You’ll be connected to one of our Sensor product experts who will walk you through everything you need to know for a quick and easy conversion process. We have sales reps and support personnel that have been providing sensor-operated solutions to customers for 20 and 30 years. We have strong relationships with manufacturers that produce touchless faucets, sensor flushometers, hands-free soap dispensers, sensor bottle fillers, and touch-free paper towel dispensers and hand dryers. We also work with companies that make hands-free accessories and antimicrobial products. We’ll help you update your fixtures, decrease your maintenance costs, and create a safer, smarter, and more hygienic facility for your employees and patrons.

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