Increase Access to Feminine Hygiene Products

Increase Accesss Feminine Hygiene Products

Providing access to feminine hygiene products is not just a courtesy, it’s a need, and increasingly becoming law. Over 60 related bills have been passed in the last eight years, 30 of which are within the last two years. 30 states along with DC, have laws easing access to menstrual supplies. When women and girls lack access to adequate products, they may improvise or use products for longer than recommended, leading to potential adverse health effects. The cost of these supplies can be a barrier as well. It can impact participation in school or force women to choose between feminine hygiene products and basic necessities. 

States have increased access to safe and affordable products by requiring schools, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters to provide supplies at no cost. 

Menstrual Care Bills in Pennsylvania

Currently, there are 6 menstrual care and access related bills in progress for the state of Pennsylvania:

  1. Bill number HB799 – In school health services, providing for menstrual hygiene products.
  2. Bill number HB851 –  In school health services, providing for Menstrual Hygiene Products Accessibility Grant Program; and making an appropriation.
  3. Bill number HR437 – Recognizing the month of May 2024 as “Menstrual Health Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania.
  4. Bill number SB906 – Providing for the provision of disposable menstrual products.
  5. Bill number SB1016 – In public assistance, providing for waiver to purchase diapers or menstrual hygiene products.
  6. Bill number SR215 – Urging the United States Congress to expand certain Federal safety net programs to provide menstrual hygiene products.

Visit Bobrick’s Interactive Menstrual Care Bill Map to see what related bills are in progress in your state.

Menstrual Care Products

Below we offer different options for napkin/tampon dispensers, coin mechanisms to convert to free operation, and disposals. If you need any assistance or have any questions, our specialists are here to help.

Bobrick Napkin Tampon Dispensers

Napkin/Tampon Dispensers

Surface mounted and recessed options available.

#603848Surface Mount 25¢ Operation

#603836Conversion Kit for 25¢ to Free

#16724Recessed Free Operation

#20571Surface Mount Free Operation

#16488Lock & Key for #603848, #603836, and #16724

Bobrick Coin Mechanisms

Coin Mechanisms

Fits older Bobrick, Bradley, AJ Washroom dispensers with square hole on back of the mechanism. 

Convert 25¢ or 50¢ to Free

#602740Free Mechanism Napkin

#602739Free Mechanism Tampon

25¢ Coin Operation

#1418525¢ Coin Mechanism Napkin

#1418625¢ Coin Mechanism Tampon


Napkin/Tampon Dispensers

Surface mounted and recessed options below. Available in Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic.

#11088SS Napkin Disposal

#11586SS Recessed Napkin Disposal

#11989SS Recessed Napkin Disposal with Lock

#11317Grey ABS Plastic Napkin Disposal


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