Everflow Supplies Manufacturer Spotlight and Event

Everflow Supplies Manufacturer Spotlight

Learn about Everflow, one of our manufacturers, and their PEX-A flexible piping system. We are hosting our first ever Manassas Monthly Manufacturer Event (MMME) starting with Everflow in February. Read on to learn more about Everflow and the upcoming event at our Manassas Virginia location. 

Everflow Supplies

Everflow Supplies is a manufacturer of plumbing specialty products that has been in business for 15 years. Based out of Linden, New Jersey, Everflow specializes in all of the following products:

  • Valves & Heating Components
  • Fittings & Nipples
  • Faucets
  • Water Supply & Drainage
  • Flexible Couplings & Connectors
  • Plumbing Specialty & Hardware
  • Gas Connectors
  • Pex Tube & Accessories
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Join Us For Our In-Person Everflow Event

The first event in our new Manassas Monthly Manufacturer Event (MMME) series will feature Everflow Supplies. Everflow’s Regional Sales Manager, Ronnie Rice, will be at our Manassas, Virginia location on February 21, 2024 from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. Ronnie will be providing useful information about Type A cold expansion fittings and pipe, Everflow faucets, and a general overview of Everflow’s product lines. He’ll be there to answer all of your questions about Everflow products as well. This event is free and open to everyone. You can drop-in any time during the event. Ronnie will be giving away free Everflow gear too!

Everflow Event Poster

Ronnie has been with Everflow for 4 years. What he likes most about working at Everflow is how well they take care of their customers.  Ronnie’s favorite product from Everflow is Type A Pex, and he is excited to show you what it can do. Its ease of installation and outstanding longevity are very beneficial to the plumbing industry.

When: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Where: Equiparts
8515 Phoenix Drive
Manassas, VA 20110

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

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This Event has Ended. 

A major thank you to Ronnie Rice and Everflow Supplies Inc. for a great first Manassas Monthly Manufacturer Event. Our Virginia team and customers were excited to learn more about Everflow’s products and indulge in the yummy treats. Thank you for sharing all that Everflow has to offer!

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Featured Everflow Product: PEX-A Flexible Plastic Piping Systems

PEXFLOW is Everflow’s Expansion Piping System. It includes a full line of fittings, valves, and accessories used for potable water distribution, radiant heating and cooling systems, fire sprinklers, hydronic piping, and pre-insulated piping. This type of tubing is far superior to PE-RT tubing because of its toughness, longevity, flexibility, and its thermal, elastic, and shape memory.

PEXFLOW Piping System

PEX-A Features:

  • Strength – PEX-A is the strongest PEX tubing. It undergoes a superior manufacturing process where the highest degree of crosslinking occurs while in an anamorphic state. This provides added strength and durability. It expands up to 3 times its diameter, minimizing potential damage from freezing.
  • Flexibility – PEX-A is easier to work with than other PEX products because it is the most flexible, which reduces required fittings. It allows for easier installs by offering the tightest bend radius. It also offers the most kink resistance. 
  • Versatility – PEX-A tubing can be used with F1807 Crimp PEX Fittings and F1960 Expansion PEX Fittings. This enables the tubing to be used in multiple applications for various building and construction projects. 
  • Performance – Shape Memory enables PEX-A tubing to expand, creating super reliable ASTM F1960 expansion fitting connections. It also has higher burst strength and long-term pressure ratings.

Why use PEX-A over PE-RT?

Review the comparison table created by Everflow below to see how PEX-A and PE-RT compare.


Level of Crosslinking


Thermal Memory



Maximum Operating Temperature

Pressure Rating



Environmental Stress Crack (Resistance to Cracking)




High degree of crosslinking which provides toughness and longevity.

Excellent thermal memory which allows kink repairs. Passes ASTM F876 Hot Bend test


As high as 200°F (93°C)

PEX is required to withstand 720 hrs of 150 psig constant pressure with water at 210°F (99°C) before failure. Pexflow PEX-A surpasses the 720 hrs.

PEX is required to withstand 100 hrs before failure. Pexflow PEX-A is tested to withstand more than 1,000 hrs.

Kink repair is possible. Coils straighten with no effort, allowing for much easier installation. Minimizing need for straight runs of tubing that are dificult to transport.

More than 40 years of proven performance throughout North America.


None. PERT is simply an over-stabilized HDPE.

Kink repair is not possible due to poor or no thermal memory. ASTM Hot Bend test cannot be performed, since the pipes melt when heated with hot air.

Up to 180°F (82°C).

PERT is only required to withstand 48 hrs and cannot meet the same temperature / pressure ratings as PEX.

Unknown. PERT has no test method for proving this. Testing to the PEX standard shows that PERT failed after 10 hrs.

Kink repair is NOT possible. Less Flexible


Limited short term experience.

From Everflow for the above table: *The information contained herein is believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made as to its accuracy.


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