Mifab Shift and Lift Offset Kit Product Spotlight

Mifab Shift and Lift

New toilet partitions, flooring, and other remodeling updates can sometimes cause the closet fixtures in a restroom to lose compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are experiencing this problem, the Mifab Shift and Lift is a solution that can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in additional renovations!

The ADA has a variety of requirements that must be met to ensure that persons with disabilities can safely use public restrooms. For example, the ADA requires that the centerline of water closets (an imaginary line running through the middle of the toilet, perpendicular to the back wall) be located no less than 18” from the walls or partition panels to the left and right of the toilet. 

In some cases, after renovations have been completed in a restroom, the centerline of one or more toilets end up shifting to a distance under this 18” requirement. If the extra clearance needed to be in compliance is only one inch or less, then the Mifab Shift and Lift is the solution to the problem. The Mifab Shift and Lift is a universal water closet carrier offset kit that enables plumbers and facility managers to offset wall-hung fixtures without tearing out the walls, tiles, or the carrier itself. The Shift and Lift will enable you to move the toilet by up to 1” to bring your restroom back into ADA compliance. Save a ton of time and money by using the Shift and Lift!

The Mifab shift and Lift Offset Kit includes the following:

  • 1 Offset Carrier Nipple
  • 4 Offset Carrier Bolts
  • 8 Mounting Nuts

The Shift and Lift replaces the existing carrier nipple. It can be installed to shift the unit to the right, left, or up. The Shift and Lift offset hardware package is designed to support up to 500 pounds with rear anchor support. The Mifab Offset Kit is available in three different size adjustments:

1-inch Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47400

¾” Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47432

½” Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47433

Keep the Mifab Shift and Lift Universal Fixture Carrier Offset Kit in mind, especially when renovating a commercial restroom so if your renovations result in no longer meeting those ADA compliancy specifications, you know of a solution that doesn’t involve extra work that isn’t needed.

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