Moen M•POWER™ Sensor Operated Flush Valve

Moen Sensor Operated Flush Valve Equiparts
At a recent Lunch-n-Learn, Randy from Moen stopped in to show us the new M•Power™ Sensor Operated Flush Valve. There have been a variety of changes from the previous version. The big news is that it has been reengineered to make the batteries last eight years under normal usage  – an impressive five years longer than the industry standard of three years. It runs on four AA batteries that are included with the valve. The technology that drives the valve is proprietary to Moen. The innovative new design makes it very easy to install and maintain.

Moen M Powered flush valve    


Features include:

  • 8 year battery life under normal usage
  • Uses piston technology
  • No diaphragm maintenance or replacement parts to worry about
  • Self-cleaning, will not clog
  • Utilizes a pressure independent flush rate
  • Changes in water pressure will not affect the M•Power™ flush valve
  • Units on the top floor will flush at the same rate as those on the bottom floor
  • The flow rate is adjustable and easy to change
  • Only one piston is needed for all flush rates
  • No longer uses dip switches
  • The all-metal angle stop uses a double o-ring design
  • All of the settings and functions can be adjusted using hand gestures
  • Buy American Certified (BAA)
  • 5 year warranty



        M•Power™ Sensor Operated Flush Valves are perfect for ADA closet installations because of their compact design that allows them to fit under grab bars. And the sleek, modern look gives it great aesthetic appeal, making it a smart choice for updating and modernizing your facility!

Equiparts stocks an extensive line of Moen products, including more Moen electronic flushometers and manual flushometersMoen faucets and faucet repair parts such as faucet stems and cartridges, faucet handles, Moen shower & tub units, and more.

Give Equiparts a call to learn more about this beautifully designed flush valve from Moen or place an order on our website if you have all the information needed to order.

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