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Increase Access to Feminine Hygiene Products

Increase Accesss Feminine Hygiene Products

Providing access to feminine hygiene products is not just a courtesy, it’s a need, and increasingly becoming law. Over 60 related bills have been passed in the last eight years, 30 of which are within the last two years. 30 states along with DC, have laws easing access to menstrual supplies. When women and girls lack access to adequate products, they may improvise or use products for longer than recommended, leading to potential adverse health effects. The cost of these supplies can be a barrier as well. It can impact participation in school or force women to choose between feminine hygiene products and basic necessities.

Toilet Partition Guide

Toilet Partition Ordering Guide

Partition purchases can be difficult. ADA compliance, proper measurement, hard to find replacement parts, and lack of partition replacement know-how can make purchasing partitions for your restrooms seem a challenge to get right. This Toilet Partition Guide is specifically written for facility managers who are looking for help in repairing or replacing their toilet partitions.

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