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Affordable Touch-Free Faucet: The E-Tronic from Chicago

Chicago E-Tronic Faucet

The E-Tronic sensor faucet from Chicago Faucets is an affordable touch-free faucet that is highly programmable and easy to install. This article will explain more about the faucet, the different solenoids available to service it, and the repair parts and accessories it uses. The Chicago Faucets E-Tronic 40 Faucet The Chicago E-Tronic 40 faucet model […]

Sloan Optima Solenoid Replacement Guide

Almost every single electronic faucet utilizes a few key components for operation: a faucet, a power source, a control module assembly, and a solenoid valve. In this article, we will focus on the latter – Solenoid Valves. More specifically, solenoid valve replacements for Sloan Optima Faucets. You will learn the following: common solenoid problems when […]

Sloan BASYS Faucet Solenoid Replacement Chart

Sloan BASYS Faucet Solenoid Replacement Chart

Faucet solenoids are one of the most commonly replaced faucet parts. Their role within a faucet is critical. In this article, find out what solenoids do, then learn exactly which solenoid is needed for your Sloan BASYS faucet model by using the chart in this article. Solenoids: What do they do within a faucet? Faucet […]

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