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Elkay and Oasis Filter Comparison Charts

Elkay filter chart oasis filter chart

Choosing the proper filter for your water cooler, bottle filler or drinking fountain can be confusing. So, here is an easy to use filter selection chart showcasing top water fountain brands Elkay and Oasis. These manufacturer specific charts are designed to help you easily decide which filter and/or replacement cartridge to use for your fountains, coolers, and/or bottle filler units.

Quasar UVC-LED Bottle Fillers from Oasis


The Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Retrofit Kit From Oasis Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Fixtures are unique hydration units from Oasis that use ultraviolet light to sterilize drinking water as it is being dispensed. Since pathogens in water are most harmful to people with compromised immune systems, Quasar units are ideal for facilities such as nursing […]

Elkay Bottle Filler Reset Filter and Bottle Count Directions

Elkay Bottle Filler Reset Filter and Bottle Count Directions

Two of the most common Elkay bottle filler maintenance questions we get are “How do I reset the filter monitor?” and “How do I reset the bottle counter?” The answer to these questions can be found in the ‘Installation and Use Manual’ that is shipped with the unit, however that manual is easy to misplace […]

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