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Sloan’s Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) gives managers the power to monitor and control water usage over their entire facility from the comfort and security of their own desk. With PWT’s user-friendly software, managers of prisons, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, and other types of health care facilities can adjust options such as water temperature, length of shower time, and the number of flushometer activations permitted per hour to any and all fixtures in their buildings. These controls will provide large scale water savings by reducing water usage, and preventing vandalism.

What is a Water Management System?

Water Management Systems use a control board that functions as the brain of the system. The console interface can be customized for each facility’s unique applications. The management software sets the limits of showers, faucets, and toilets remotely. By adjusting these options using software on their computer, the facility personnel are in control, not residents or inmates.

Image from Sloan Presentation

Water Management Systems enable controllers to set new rules for user behaviors from a software system on their computer. It empowers facility managers to make changes and place limits on individual or groups of fixtures remotely. Sloan’s PWT Systems features product components that allow for customization based on the facility’s unique applications.

Programmed Water Technology Applications

Listed below are the facility types we think will benefit most from Sloan’s PWT systems:

  • Correctional facilities 
  • Behavioral health facilities
  • Memory care facilities
  • Hospital/drug testing labs
  • Gyms and YMCAs
  • Highway rest stops
  • Educational facility locker rooms, restrooms, and sports facilities
  • Water parks and public pools

Solution for Most Abused Area: Toilets

The most improperly used fixture in prisons and other high-security facilities are toilets. Inmates use them to discard drugs, flood their cell, wash their clothes, pass contraband and communicate with other inmates.

Secure Toilets for Prisons
Image of Secure Toilets Available from Equiparts

California prisons recorded an average of 85 flushes per cell per day. In comparison, the average person flushes a toilet only 5 times a day. That’s a lot of extra flushes coming from prison cells. Sloan PWT systems can greatly reduce the occurrence and cost of such improper toilet usage.

Sloan PWT systems lower costs from improper use of the facilities fixtures, namely, toilets. The obvious ways it provides savings are in water, damage, and energy costs. However, it will also lower costs for other problems that misuse of facility fixtures causes. Other ways that secure facilities can save money with PWT:

  • Limit fixture use which lowers plumbing damage
  • Prevent overflow and the damage it causes
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower water and sewage costs
  • Control energy used to heat water
  • Less linen and clothing replacement
  • Lower medical costs from reduced use of contraband

Maguire Correctional Facility in San Mateo County California spent over $750,000 in damages from sheets, clothing, and other miscellaneous items being flushed down their drains.

Read Sloan’s case studies below to learn how adding PWT Systems improved their facilities:

System Components

Different buildings can require different levels of security and control, and on various scales. That’s why Sloan’s PWT Systems are designed to provide modular, flexible solutions, which give you a variety of options and choices. Together, Equiparts and Sloan can work with you to build a system that will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Image courtesy of Sloan PWT Brochure

PWT System Advantages

  • Ease of installation
  • Large variety of fixture and configuration options 
  • Simple retrofit options available
  • Product support/connected equipment flexibility
  • Water management and control
  • Longevity of Sloan’s high quality fixtures and parts
  • Ability to repair/rebuild
  • Future sustainability

Software Upgrades

Sloan has upgraded its software from version 1.0 to new PWT Software (internally known as version 2.0). The new software is compatible with older generation Sloan PWT 1.0 systems and Modbus systems. It features the following updates:

  • Updated user interfaces
  • Increased control capabilities
  • Flexible reports/data extraction
Management Console View
Graphical View

Sloan’s Programmed Water Technologies System will pay for itself many times over as water savings accumulate at your facility. The added control and reduced maintenance that a PWT system provides will benefit everyone.

Learn More about Sloan Programmed Water Technologies Systems

Thanks for reading our overview of Sloan’s PWT Systems. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, call your Equiparts rep, or click on one of the links below to send us an email. Not only can we give you more information, but we can also schedule a meeting between you, your Equiparts sales representative, and Sloan PWT representatives to discuss how Sloan’s PWT systems can best address your facility’s unique needs. During the meeting, you could see exactly how the software works, gather information about the fixtures, and get answers to any questions you may have. See the image below from one of the educational webinars we have attended with our Sloan reps.

Sloan Programmed Water Technologies Systems Software Screenshot
Screen capture from Sloan Presentation

Request More Information or Set-Up a Meeting with us and our Sloan Reps. We look forward to helping you learn more about new solutions from Sloan. We have been working with Sloan for over 40 years.

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