The 2019 Equiparty and Sales Meeting

Equiparts 2019 Sales Meeting Equiparty

The 2019 Annual Equiparty and Sales Meeting was a fantastic celebration and educational event. A big thank you to all of the individuals who traveled near and far to help make it so successful. We continue to enjoy hosting it every year. 

The 2019 Equiparty

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Equiparty is an annual dinner party we throw each year to celebrate our team here at Equiparts. It kicks off our annual sales meeting, and is an opportunity for our employees and vendor reps to relax, get to know each other, and have fun with food, drinks, and entertainment.

This year’s Equiparty was held at Green Oaks Country Club in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. The Equiparts team and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, while blues duo Soulful Femme provided excellent live music for the evening.

Our senior graphic designer, Joe Eberle, was given the honor of cutting the celebratory cake. The cake was provided, of course, by our favorite bakery and fellow Oakmont resident, Oakmont Bakery.

The 2019 Equiparts Sales Meeting

Instead of our usual format of round-robin style presentations with small groups, our sales meeting this year had just a few select vendors speaking to the entire group at once. On day one, our good friend, Casey Devlin from J.B. O’Connor, accompanied by Adam Kupec, Manager of National Specialty Accounts for Sloan, gave an informative presentation about a variety of topics. Day two featured Tim Broderick from Ridgid Tools. Both days were filled with much discussion of our new 684-page catalog, a project we have been working diligently on for the last few years. 

The 2019 Equiparts Catalog

The first day of our 2019 sales meeting kicked off with a discussion of the new content in our just-released catalog. Our sales manager, Dan Martino, led the presentation, and informed our sales team about the new products and expanded sections. We would return to new catalog discussion several times throughout the two-day event.

The catalog contains a total of 684-pages, our most comprehensive catalog yet. In development for the past three years, it contains 236 more pages than our last catalog. It has more detail, content, and information than ever before. Based on feedback from customers, we expanded the content of every category to provide greater choice and more product information. And for the first time, almost all of the parts and units are displayed as full-color photographs! Our primary goal with the new catalog is to help customers make the best possible selection of parts and fixtures for their specific repair situation. In the near future, you will be able to access the catalog online! Sign up for our newsletter through the link at the end of this article to guarantee you find out once the catalog is live on our website!

Left: Casey Devlin shares the new smart Optima Faucet. Right: The permanently hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) SloanTec® glaze at work. This glaze can be specified on any Sloan fixture. It inhibits germ and bacteria growth, and will keep the fixture cleaner longer.

Sloan Valve

Casey demonstrated the latest innovation in Sloan’s line of Optima faucets. They are now equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to monitor and adjust faucet settings using an app on your phone. In addition, they also now have standardized components across the line, which will save you time and money on labor and replacement parts. You can learn more about these great new features in our Smart Faucets by Sloan: Optima Faucet New Technology blog post.

Casey also discussed Sloan’s piston flushometers, the amazing SloanTec® glaze, and the new Intellistation Jr. electronic mixing valve from Powers.

Door Closers

Equiparts President, Joel Weiss, along with Purchasing Agent, Barney Delmont, educated the team about door closers. They discussed the features of different types of door closers, such as parallel arms, hold open arms, back checks, fusible links, delayed action, ADA specifications, and more. Check back soon to read our Door Closer Guide – which we will share soon! Another reason to sign up for our Newsletter to get notified when it is published!

Tim emphasized some important tips regarding drain cleaners: Never run a drain cleaner in reverse. It can crack the welding and unravel the cable. Also, never use an electric drill with a drain cleaner. Always use a cordless drill on driver mode. You need to have the clutch engaged when the cable head gets stuck.

Ridgid: Professional Drain Cleaning Tools

Day 2 of our Sales Meetings featured Tim Broderick, Territory Manager of Professional Tools from Ridgid. We learned a lot about drain cleaning tools, and the proper way to use them. Tim discussed the benefits of different cable heads, such as augers, arrow heads, “C” cutters, chain knockers, grease cutters, etc., and the type of pipes for which each head is designed.

Equiparts has supplied Ridgid products for a long time. We are excited to announce that we will now be stocking more Ridgid tools than ever before! This expanded inventory means we will be able fill orders and ship them to our customers more quickly!

Equiparts is committed to the constant education of our sales reps. We strongly believe that having an intelligent and knowledgeable team is absolutely crucial to our mission of providing the best possible customer service and technical assistance available in our industry. The education that our employees receive from our annual sales meeting helps us to achieve that goal. We look forward to sharing everything we learned at this year’s meetings with our customers.

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