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Bradley Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

If you want to maintain a healthy, hygienic environment in your building or facility, it’s important to always have high quality soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout it. This article focuses on dispensers made by Bradley, one of the leading washroom equipment manufacturers in the world. We will also discuss the kind of soap you should use in your dispensers. Finally, we will introduce you to Bradley’s portable dispenser stand.

Equiparts carries three types of Bradley soap/sanitizer dispensers. Their large capacity and durable construction make them ideal for commercial environments with heavy traffic areas. They can be mounted on a wall, or used on Bradley’s portable stand. Each dispenser is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with a brushed finish. They have 27oz. reservoirs, vandal-resistant filler hole covers, and sight gauges. They are easy to fill and refill. The differences between the three dispensers involves the type of soap or sanitizer they dispense, the method of dispensing, and the type of batteries required.

6A Series Diplomat Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser

Bradley 6A Series Diplomat Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers

Part #17381
Vertical Stainless Steel Sensor Liquid Soap / Liquid or Gel Sanitizer Dispenser

This model dispenses LIQUID soap and LIQUID or GEL sanitizers. The liquid hand sanitizer used in this unit must be 70–95% ethanol solution. This model is powered by 3 “C” batteries.

Part #17382
Vertical Stainless Steel Sensor Foam Soap / Sanitizer Dispenser

This model dispenses FOAM soap and sanitizer. It is powered by 4 “AA” alkaline batteries.

Part #17383
Vertical Stainless Steel Sensor Liquid Hand Sanitizer Spray Dispenser

This model dispenses LIQUID sanitizer as a SPRAY or MIST. It accommodates bulk 70–90% ethanol solution sanitizers. Uses 4 “AA” batteries.

Choosing the Right Soap/Sanitizer for your Dispensers

It’s important that you choose a good quality soap or sanitizer for your dispensers so that they function properly, and last a long time. If you are using soap in the dispenser you select, there are two important factors to consider when selecting the type of soap you will use: viscosity and pH level.

Viscosity is a measure of how thick the liquid is. For Bradley soap dispensers, the viscosity of your soap should be between 100 cps (centerpoise) and 2500 cps. If you use a thinner soap, users may perceive it as watered down, and take more than they really need. If the soap is too thick, it inhibits the flushing action of the valves, and allows the soap to congeal in the valve, causing clogs.

The pH, or acid level, of the soap you use in a Bradley dispenser should be in the range of 6.5 to 8.5. More acidic soaps (pH levels lower than 6.5) will corrode metal parts, and degrade rubber and plastic components. They can also be irritating to the skin. Most cheap soaps, like the pink lotion type, have low pH levels, and will eventually cause valve failure and metal corrosion. Base soaps will cause swelling or degradation of rubber and plastic parts, and also cause skin irritation.

In general, any soap that has viscosity and pH levels in the range recommended above will work fine in Bradley soap dispensers. PCMX and Isopropanol will also work fine. For sanitizer, be sure to adhere to the ethanol percentages specified per each unit (listed above).

A note on maintaining your soap dispenser: It is important to clean your soap dispenser valves periodically to keep them in top working order. At the very least, hot water should be pumped through the valves to clear out any soap residue. Ideally, valves should be soaked in hot water for 30 minutes, pumping the valve at least 20 times as it soaks. The soap reservoirs should be flushed with hot water periodically as well.

Bradley Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Clean hands are an important part of health and hygiene. But soap and water aren’t always easily accessible, and sometimes not available at all in some areas.  Also, a dispenser is often needed in an area where no wall or counter is available, which renders a wall-mounted dispenser useless. That’s why Bradley’s new portable sanitizer dispenser stand can be a valuable asset in keeping your employees and patrons safe.

Part #17384
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

A hand sanitizer dispenser stand designed for a seamless integration of Bradley 6A Series Diplomat Sanitizer Dispensers.

It is free standing, and is easily moved to a convenient location, or wherever it is needed. The stand is constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel, making it strong and sturdy. The rounded corners on the square base provide a safer experience for users and anyone transporting the stand. Rubber feet on the base prevent the stand from sliding and scratching floors. The drip tray helps to keep floors clean and safe. Installation is easy, and minimum assembly is required. The Bradley portable soap/sanitizer dispenser stand is designed to accommodate Bradley’s 6A Diplomat Series of gel and foam soap/sanitizer dispensers (shared above), but the universal mounting plate also makes it compatible with dispensers made by other manufacturers.

Below is a list of locations where the Bradley Portable Sanitizer Dispenser Stand would be very beneficial:

  • Near entry and exit doors
  • Cafeterias and food courts
  • Classrooms
  • Office spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Fitness centers
  • Store aisles
  • Recreation areas
  • Outside of restrooms
  • Near checkouts
  • Near elevators
  • Parking structures
  • Manufacturing shop floors

If you have more questions about Bradley 6A Series Diplomat Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers and/or Portable Sanitizer Dispenser Stands, just give Equiparts a call! Our product specialists will be happy to help you. Keep your facility safe and clean with Bradley soap dispensers and sanitizer dispensers.

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