Sloan Master Repair Kits

We have supplied our customers with Sloan repair parts for over 50 years. We know what parts facility managers need to repair Sloan fixtures and how often they need to be replaced. That’s why we have created these custom Master Repair Kits. They contain everything needed to service certain Sloan fixtures, all within a labeled metal case. With these Master Repair Kits, maintenance personnel can remain organized and prepared for any Sloan repair situation.

What our customers are saying:


“Excellent Purchase. Exceptional. This kit is

outstanding for a service tech with skills.” 

– John B.

Facility managers have many items they need to service within the buildings they maintain. Our custom-made repair kits create an organizational solution that makes it easy to service some of their fixtures. Namely, their Sloan flushometers and faucets. This enables them to continuously keep their Sloan fixtures functioning at peak performance with the shortest down time.

You won’t find these kits anywhere else because we custom make them in-house. We have worked with Sloan for decades, supplying customers with the Sloan repair parts and fixtures needed for their schools, hospitals, and other professional buildings. We know what parts are needed and how often they need to be replaced. Read our Sloan Maintenance Schedule article for more information on anticipating which parts you will need to service your Sloan flushometers.

Sloan Repair Kit Types

Our kits range in size, price, and contents to provide the parts needed to service specific sloan faucet and flushometer models. This makes them very helpful for facilities that have multiple faucets and/or flushometers throughout their facility that are the same model. In this article, we are focusing on Sloan Master Repair Kits. Our master repair kits include all of the parts needed to service flushometers are for certain Sloan faucet and flushometer models. They include metal cases with dividers to help keep needed parts organized. 

Sloan Master Repair Kits

Click ‘View Online’ to go to the kits listing on our website. There you can view a list of the parts found in the kit and add it to your cart for purchase. 

Sloan Master Repair Kit 102 Pieces

Manual Flushometer Master Repair Kit
Part #08066
For Sloan Manual Flushometers.
Includes 102 parts
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Sloan Dual Filter Repair Kit

Master Dual-Filtered Flushometer Repair Kit
Part #08730
For New Style Royal Dual-Filtered Bypass Flushometer Units. 
Includes 71 parts
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Sloan Optima Plus Repair Parts Kit

Master Optima Plus Flushometer Repair Parts Kit
Part #08588
For Sloan Optima Plus Battery-Operated Flushometers.
Includes 56 parts
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Sloan G2 Repair Kit

Master G2 Flushometer Repair Kit
Part #08890
For Sloan G2 Battery-Operated Flushometers.
Includes 23 parts
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BASYS Master Repair Kit

BASYS Master Repair Kit
Part #86924
For low, medium, and high profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 40 parts *See profile specific kits below
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Additional BASYS Repair Kits: We also make BASYS Repair Kits for specific profiles only as well. See the specific BASYS kits below if your facility only has high, medium, or low profile BASYS faucets.

BASYS Low Profile Master Repair Kit 
Part #86925
For low profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
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BASYS Medium Profile Repair Kit 
Part #86926
For medium profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
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BASYS High Profile Master Repair Kit 
Part #86927
For high profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
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