Go Green with Elkay’s ezH2O Energy Saving Bottle Filler

Save Water and Decrease Plastic Use

Decrease plastic waste and encourage environmental responsibility by becoming an advocate for bottle filling water fountains.

Introducing: Bottle Filling Hydration Stations.

These units encourage the use of refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic and then throwing it away. Bottle filling stations, such as this ezH2O unit by Elkay, can be placed in your workplace cafeteria, your child’s school hallway, or in your university campus classroom. EZ Bottle Filling Stations come in a wide variety of styles, including vandal resistant units, bi-level fountain units, retrofit units for existing EZ water coolers, surface mounted or in-wall units, architectural units, as well as outdoor bottle filler units, (including units with low fountains for dogs). No matter what location you have in mind, there is a unit that fits it. These units can be used as just a fountain, supplying room temperature water, or they can also be used as a water cooler and supply refrigerated water. 

Elkay ezH2O units are Green Spec Listed. They have unique features that make them one of the most “green” bottle fillers available:

  • Energy Saving Mode: Water Cooler Bottle Filler units can be scheduled to turn off refrigeration during times of low or non-use to save energy, and simply dispense ambient water during set times.
  • Green Ticker™: Most units have an electronic indicator that counts the number of 20-ounce bottles saved, known as a Green Ticker™.
  • Sensor Controlled/Automatic Shut-Off: Some units are sensor activated, allowing touchless, sanitary operation, with an automatic 20 second shut off.
  • Low Energy LED Filter Status: Filtered units come with a visual filter monitor with green, yellow, and red LED lights that signify when a filter needs to be changed.

So help us decrease the average plastic bottle usage from 167 a year per American, to 1 bottle that we refill. That one bottle you use every day could be a statement too, like these beautiful, heavy duty reusable bottles from S’well.

Make an impact where you live, work, and play. Share the power of the Energy Saving Bottle Refill Station, and help your facility become more environmentally responsible while supplying an amenity to your students, faculty, and/or patrons. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or email it to your boss, the owner of your building, your friend on the school board, and the facility manager that lives down the street.

Be an advocate for an environmentally friendly water source and help make a positive change in your corner of the world this Earth Day, and every day thereafter.

View our online selection of Bottle Filler Units online to place your order.

Find out which bottle filling unit is best for your unique situation by consulting with an Equiparts water fountain specialist: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM EST, or filling out our contact form and a specialist will get back to you with more information.

Get Motivated to Become Water and Energy Responsible in 2016. What will you do to make a difference?

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