Delany Trustop: Best Angle Control Stop

Delany Trustop

What makes the Delany TruStop one of the best angle control stops on the market today? Convenience. Its unique ball valve design allows you to repair a flush valve without turning off the water to the bathroom, hall, floor, or entire building. This means all of your other fixtures can be operational while you make your repair. It simplifies the entire repair process, and keeps patrons who need to use the restroom happy.

The secret of the game-changing design of the TruStop is the ball valve inside the stop, and the location of the back check assembly. The back check assembly is located on the flush valve side of the stop instead of the supply side. To shut off the water, simply insert the hydrant key into the stop, and make a quarter turn. The ball valve inside will stop the flow. This is how, for the first time, you can fix a failed back check without ever leaving the restroom. The TruStop is vandal resistant, and the ball valve will last for decades, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

This TruCheck Assembly is supplied as part of the unit, and can be replaced separately when needed. It acts as the back check, stopping water from moving in the wrong direction. Over time, the TruCheck will need to be replaced. One indication that it may be time to replace the TruCheck is if the water is continuously running from the unit. Make sure that you don’t have a bad diaphragm assembly first, because that can also cause the same problem. A replacement TruCheck Assembly is Part #60337

The Hydrant Key is not included with each unit but is sold separately. To shut off the water, insert the key and make a quarter turn. Only one key is needed for all TruStops in the building. The Hydrant Key is Part #45596.

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TruStop Angle Control Stops are available in two sizes: 1-inch, and 3/4-inch. Buy them online through our website by clicking on the size you want above. Give us a call if you have any additional questions. 

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