Mifab Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame

Mifab drain grate

Do you have floor drains that don’t sit flush in the floor? We have the perfect solution! This Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame from Mifab has a unique, patented design that enables installers to adjust it as needed both vertically and horizontally. The adjusting screws allow the grate to meet the finished floor evenly on all sides. It retrofits 5” or 6” drains made by major manufacturers, and is the best replacement assembly to use if you have uneven floors. 

Mifab Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame

Shown in Nickel. Nickel finish is available upon request.

The Mifab Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame is designed for use in commercial showers, kitchens, restrooms, and any other floor areas susceptible to flooding, or that undergo frequent washing. It is available in 5” and 6” diameter sizes, and in both nickel bronze and stainless steel materials. It can replace 5” or 6” diameter grates from Josam, Smith, Wade, Watts or Zurn (JaSaWaZ) and Mifab floor drains.

Installation Instructions for the CRTS Top Set Retrofit Grate and Frame Replacement Assembly

  1. Remove the existing JaSaWaZ grate
  2. Place the CRTS bottom universal ring into the recessed area of the drain strainer
  3. Connect the bottom ring with the existing JaSaWaZ strainer screws
  4. Place the CRTS grate and frame on top of the universal bottom ring
  5. Tighten and adjust the adjusting screws vertically and side-to-side to meet the floor evenly on all sides

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