The Best Commercial Drain Opener Chemicals

best commercial drain openers

There are many ways to go about unclogging a drain, like using a tool like an auger, plunger, snake, or utilizing a drain opening chemical. In this blog, we are going to discuss when to use drain chemicals, and which type is best.

Drain chemicals go by many synonymous names: drain opener, drain cleaner, pipe cleaner, drain unclogger, drain line opener, drain treatment, drain chemical, drain treatment, and tub and sink treatment. They all essentially do the same thing: remove clogs and build up to clear drains so water can pass through the drain and pipe unobstructed.

So how do you decide which drain cleaner to buy? First, you should figure out what type of pipes you have, and make sure the drain cleaning chemical you choose will not harm them. In fact, many plumbers will advise against using some of the more popular streamlined drain chemicals designed for home use because they aren’t good for certain pipe materials. 

We carry a wide variety of drain openers. Some for very specific scenarios, others for a broad range of drains. You can view our most popular drain opening chemicals on the Drain Opener product page of our website. Here, we are sharing our two most popular drain chemicals: the TMS Hot Water Drain Cleaner, and the TMS Cold Water Drain Opener.

Unlike other drain cleaning chemicals, these are non-acidic, so they will not damage your pipes. They instantly dissolve hair, grease, paper, cloth, fat, soap, and more. They are great for use in kitchen drains, small drains, waste lines, traps, tubs, toilets, and shower stalls. 

Both the hot and cold drain openers can be used for ongoing maintenance to keep lines clear, and avoid clogs from happening. We highly recommend using them for preventative maintenance to help stop clogs before they happen. About a tablespoon a month should help keep your drains clear.

Hot or Cold Activated Drain Opener: Which should I use?

You may be wondering, which drain opener should I use? The hot or cold? It all depends on your situation. The hot water drain opener works best in drains where the water is draining, but at a very slow rate. This is common in grease-packed kitchen drains, or drains with hair clogs. 

The cold water activated drain opener is best for drains that have standing water or low standing water. This is because the standing water is already cold, and can’t be heated. By using the cold water chemical, it can get to work right away. 

In short, for a slow-moving drain, use hot, and for standing water, use cold.

*A handy tip: The hot activated drain opener is best applied by pouring the chemical (about one tablespoon) into your drain, then pouring a bucket of hot water into the drain on top of the chemical. This is because when you first turn on your faucet after adding the chemical, the water may not be hot enough to activate the reaction, and the chemical will just wash down the drain without doing anything to the clog.

How do the TMS Hot and Cold Drain Openers Work?

TMS Hot and Cold Drain Cleaners create a caustic chemical reaction. It produces a hydrogen gas when the substance reacts with water or aluminum. As a caustic material, it is heavier than water and will sink down to the blockage. When the drain cleaner reaches the blockage, it will lose electrons to the blockage material, causing it to dissolve. Since TMS Hot and Cold Drain Opener is a commercial strength product, it is a much more potent, yet still pipe-safe version of this type of drain opener.

Who Uses these Drain Chemicals?

We sell these to a wide variety of facilities including schools, hospitals, office buildings, and plumbers.

When Not to Use Chemical Drain Opener

Clogs or blockages caused by non-biodegradable items will not be fixed with a chemical drain opener. Examples of non biodegradable blockages can be when a toddler drops a toy down the sink drain, or construction debris causing a blockage in your pipes. When this occurs, you will need to use a Drain Cleaning and Inspection Tool instead of a Drain Chemical. 

How to Order

You can buy these hot and cold drain cleaners on our website, or by calling in to place your order. Both hot and cold drain openers can be purchased singularly, by the bottle, or by the case (24-count) for a price break. 

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