The Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer: Designed for Prison Applications

Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer for Prisons

Get control over the water usage in your prison facility. Upgrade your flushometers to units that have special features designed for controlled environments. It’s a quick and easy way to save water and money without having to upgrade the entire water system. The Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer is a great unit to help you achieve this goal. It is a concealed flushometer with a push button actuator designed for use with the stainless-steel water closet fixtures from Acorn®, Bradley®, Metcraft® and other manufacturers that are found in secure facilities. Its unique programming capabilities enable you to program the unit to lock the user out for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes after being flushed twice within a 5 minute period.

Having the ability to set toilets to lock for certain time intervals is important for prison facilities since water bills from misuse of prison toilets is often a major expense. Inmates misuse toilets in a variety of ways, including overflushing. One study Sloan conducted in a California prison recorded an average of 85 flushes per cell in a 24 hour period. For comparison, an unincarcerated person flushes an average of just 5 times a day. That’s a lot of wasted water and money, as well as unnecessary wear on the plumbing fixture and its interior components. 

Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer Program Information

Sloan 8603-ESM Flushometer Program Information

Programming the unit is easy. Maintenance personnel can change programs with the push of a button.

8603-ESM Complete Unit and Retrofit Options

The 8603-ESM Flushometer is available as an entire unit for a variety of different flush volumes, or as a kit that can be retrofit onto certain existing manual and hydraulic Royal flushometer units.

More Information about the 8603 Flushometer from Sloan:

Sloan® 8603-ESM Flushometers feature all the performance benefits of standard concealed diaphragm model flush valves, but with added durability to withstand rough environments. 

The 8603-ESM series is designed for independent operation in environments where a controller is not cost efficient. Its vandal-proof, touch-button operation is designed with a non-hold-open feature to keep the fixture from surpassing intended water consumption.

Each model has integrated firmware that provides 5 programs designed to minimize water usage and misuse. The programs provide 2 activations in 5 minutes with lockout options of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes, plus a dorm option. The dorm option allows a toilet to be flushed once per minute, and is designed for dormitory style common use restrooms. The programs are field changeable to meet the requirements of most applications.

8603-ESM series flushometers include a touch button for operation. Both a standard (MCR-325) and an ADA compliant LED version (MCR- 324L) are available.

  • 8603-ESM: Battery-powered, built-in control providing 2 flushes in 5 minutes, and 5 lockout time options. Other programs available which provide 3 flushes in 15 minutes and 3 flushes in 5 minutes.
  • 8603-ESM-HW: Built-in control providing 2 flushes in 5 minutes, 5 lockout time options, and is hardwired with battery backup.
  • PWT-ESM RESS Kit: Battery-powered RESS kit with built-in control providing 2 flushes in 5 minutes, and 5 lockout time options.
  • PWT-ESM-HW RESS Kit: Hardwired with battery backup RESS kit with built-in control providing 2 flushes in 5 minutes, and 5 lockout time options.

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