Vinyl Corner Guards for Commercial Facilities

commercial Vinyl Corner Guards

Vinyl corner guards prevent damage to the wall corners of high-traffic areas in commercial facilities. They are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial buildings prone to damage.

 The commercial-grade vinyl corner guards shown here are made by Wallprotex, a leading provider of interior wall protection products. In addition to corner guards, Wallprotex also designs and manufactures wall guards, wall sheets, handrails, rub rails, and related wall accessories. We have part numbers for the most popular sizes and colors of Wallprotex’s vinyl corner guards listed in this article (see below) and on our website. However, we can order any product made by Wallprotex. For unlisted colors, sizes, or other Wallprotex products, call Equiparts to speak with one of our product experts. We will be happy to answer questions, get you a quote, or place an order for you.

wallprotex corner guards


Corner guards should be installed in high traffic areas within busy facilities. The corners of walls in places like hospitals, retail stores, and hotels are prone to more damage than other facilities because much of their foot traffic can also be found pushing or carrying heavy items through the halls. These items can include shopping carts in retail stores, luggage in hotels, and gurneys and wheelchairs in hospitals. The corners of walls are the areas that are most prone to bumps and collisions, and are therefore most prone to damage. 

When an unprotected corner is damaged, the drywall needs to be repaired, and the wall paint needs to be matched and repainted. If the wall is severely damaged, the corner bead might need to be replaced. This requires removing and replacing it, installing new drywall from floor to ceiling, matching paint, and repainting. Needless to say, it’s a lot of extra work. 

Protecting wall corners with corner guards stops this damage from happening. Vinyl corner guards resist dents and scratches. They aren’t painted, so there is no paint to chip off when they get hit or bumped. Vinyl corner guards are durable, but are also much easier to replace than a wall should they get damaged.

vinyl corner guards


Commercial Wall Corner Guards FAQs


Q: Why should I choose vinyl for the material of my corner guards?
A: Vinyl is usually the material of choice for corner guards because of its strength and aesthetic. Vinyl is the same strength as polycarbonate, but has a ‘haircell texture’ that both hides scratches better than polycarbonate, and also gives the corner guard a more matte finish, which calls less attention to it. 

Q: What should the width of my corner guards be?
A: Corner guards come in widths ranging from ¾-inch to 3-inches. The width you choose will depend on two things: traffic and aesthetic. The higher the amount of traffic, the higher the probability of damage, especially with heavy moving items like carts and gurneys. Higher traffic also increases the chance that there will be a wider area of damage, so those areas need to be protected. In simple terms, the higher the traffic, the wider your corner guards should be. The other half of your decision is about the aesthetic. The wider the corner guard, the more noticeable it will be. The smaller the width, the less noticeable it will be. For a frame of reference, most hotel owners choose the 1-⅛-inch or 1-½-inch wide vinyl corner guards to protect the walls on their properties. 

Q: What should the length of my corner guards be?
A: We have part numbers pre-made for corner guards 4-feet in length. This size usually allots for coverage of the areas that will be subjected to damage from heavy moving objects. However, corner guards are also available in 8-foot sizes as well as other custom sizes that can be special ordered. Much like the width, the length is also determined by aesthetics and utility. 

Q: How do I clean/maintain vinyl corner guards?
According to Wallprotex, you maintain or clean your vinyl corner guards by using “a soft damp cloth or chamois to gently wipe the profile surface. Soap and lukewarm water should be used to remove light dirt. The profile should then be rinsed thoroughly with a clean cloth and water. Once washing and rinsing are complete, dry the profile by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois in order to prevent streaking or water marks.”

Q: What colors are available?
A: Wallprotex corner guards are available in a wide variety of colors. They even have a color matching tool to help you match them to your wall paint. The colors we list online are the most popular corner guard colors – white, ivory, sand, gray, brown, and black. See the image below. Note: Due to variations in computer displays, these colors cannot be considered exact matches.

vinyl corner guard colors

Q: How do I buy corner guards?
We have part numbers for the most popular sizes and colors in both Standard and Self-Adhesive. Standard corner guards are installed with double-sided tape or construction adhesive. Self-adhesive corner guards are manufactured with an attached peel and stick strip. View all of our online corner guards on our corner guards webpage or through the links below. 

Other sizes and colors are available upon request. Give us a call at 1-800-442-6622 M-F 8AM – 4PM EST for help ordering other sizes and colors, or to answer any additional questions. View the parts below to order the vinyl corner guards in the colors and sizes we list online. 


(installed with double-sided tape or construction adhesive)

Size 1-⅛-inch x 4-feet

Part #13211W White
Part #13211IV Ivory
Part #13211S Sand
Part #13211G Gray
Part #13211BR Brown
Part #13211BL Black

Size 2-½-inch x 4-feet

Part #13212W White
Part #13212IV Ivory
Part #13212S Sand
Part #13212G Gray
Part #13212BR Brown
Part #13212BL Black


(includes an attached peel and stick strip)

Size 1-⅛-inch x 4-feet

Part #13211WSA White
Part #13211IVSA Ivory
Part #13211SSA Sand
Part #13211GSA Gray
Part #13211BRSA Brown
Part #13211BLSA Black

Size 2-½-inch x 4-feet

Part #13212WSA White
Part #13212IVSA Ivory
Part #13212SSA Sand
Part #13212GSAGray
Part #13212BRSA Brown
Part #13212BLSA Black

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