New Out of Order Toilet and Urinal Cover

out of order toilet cover

So you have an out-of-order toilet, or an out-of-order urinal. What do you do to prevent it from being used? Let’s start with what we don’t recommend doing: Covering it with an unsightly garbage bag or other makeshift cover, or posting a note and just hoping patrons don’t use the fixture. We have a better solution.

Meet the JaniWrap.

JaniWrap is a new, professional looking toilet and urinal cover that makes out-of-service fixtures less of an eyesore to patrons. It covers an out-of-order fixture with a sleek, seamless wrap that is then labeled with an ‘Not in Service’ sticker.

JaniWrap Covers do more than prevent the use of toilets. They conceal waste by keeping it safely out of sight, while vastly reducing unwanted odors from escaping the toilet bowl. It comes in a roll with 32 sheets, along with 32 ‘Not in Service’ stickers, and a small knife to cut the excess wrap after application.

Out of Order Toilet and Urinal Cover

Installation is quick and easy. Unroll and apply the adhesive Janiwrap sheet evenly over the fixture. Stretch it out to remove wrinkles. Then cut off the excess film for a clean, smooth look. Apply the “Not in Service” sticker on the cover after installing.

Show your building’s occupants how much you care by keeping restrooms attractive and sanitary. Your restroom visitors will appreciate it.

JaniWrap cover installation


What’s Included:

Included in the JaniWrap cover kit are the following: 

  • A perforated roll of 32 20” x 28” cover sheets that fit all toilets and most urinals
  • A knife for cutting excess material
  • A set of ‘Not in Service’ sticker labels
  • Application Instructions
  • Tip Sheet

Watch how easy it is to cover an out of order toilet or out of order urinal with JaniWrap in the video below. Simply apply the adhesive cover, cut and remove the excess wrap, and apply the ‘Not in Service’ sticker label, and voila! Your out of order fixture has been covered and labeled beautifully.

How to Order Out-of-Order Covers for Toilets/Urinals

Order JaniWrap out-of-order toilet/urinal covers on our website or by giving us a call. Mention Part #17509. On sale now for $92.60 per roll until June 30th, 2023. Since a roll has 32 sheets, that’s only $2.89 for each cover/label!

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